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What is Knight Manager?

With the Alexa skill Knight Manager from the developer Krögoor Entertainment, medieval fans can immerse themselves in an amazing world of knights. The knight's actions can be controlled on Amazon Alexa devices and apps using their voice alone.

Your mission as a knight manager is to transform a weak knight into a glorious hero. Along the way, your knight will face fellow knights in the arena; Azrael and his evil minions in the Dark Tower; orcs, wolves and a fire breathing dragon that soars over the Dark Forest; a variety of rogues and ruffians in the daily adventure; and menacing trolls dwelling deep underground, with secrets to be revealed.

Learn more about Knight Manager and how the game came to be.

Where to Start

If you’re new to the game, explore the arena and all things related to combat, or learn about the dark forest and the hunting challenges that await you there. If you’re not sure how to do something, this list of commands will point you in the right direction. Or check out the full sitemap to see what’s available.

What’s New?

Keep an eye on the Seasons page for updates on season 12 as new features are announced.

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